Have you ever had a VISION?
Have you seen a picture so detailed, so vivid that it seemed to be real, even if you knew it wasn’t?
Last time it happened to me I was in my bed getting ready to sleep.
I started seeing this picture more and more clearly, like it was painted  a front of my eyes. And it was beautiful!
But also I wanted to calm down and sleep as I was very tired.
Not a chance. More details, more vivid pictures, more interesting composition.

I didn’t want to forget what I saw, so just got up from bed, grabbed few sheets of paper and a pencil and started drawing…
that took me a while 😉

Here are some screen shots of my sketch


…and the acrylic paint on canvas



I also would like to create a digital version of this, cause it may be even more accurate to what I’ve seen 🙂

On the top you can see pitch black Sky (The Universe) with the Stars and even Planets.
Below that, in the centre you can see an EYE in the triangle, a bright Light
coming out of it, three rays of light going straight down and touching the
ground and… three made of light-like silhouettes appearing out of these
rays! They walking on the green hill who leads to the sea/ocean. Water
is getting deeper and darker to the bottom of the picture, reaching pitch
black with some bright, star-like points (maybe fishes or plankton).

I’m pretty sure you have also had some strange visions that came to
your head from nowhere and stacked there for a long time.
Did you tell someone about it? Or maybe even draw or painted it like I did?

Please share your experiences in a comments below.

See you soon!




S Road

Hello my Friend! How are you today?

Last few weeks has been quite hectic and last days bit stressful at work for me.
I’m actually wasting my free time to do unproductive things (like browsing FB pages etc) instead of doing something constructive like
taking further steps to my photographic career, implement my old ideas scribbled somewhere on different notebooks and coffee napkins, or just simply calm down myself with meditation, as I used to do it before.

I decided to go for a walk to the forest near by, as I remember that Nature heals my soul very fast :]
I needed to take a big Fresh Breath.
Of course I took my Canon and tripod with me, hoping that I can shoot a nice photo of the sun setting down between the trees, and then post it in my on-line gallery 500px (which I haven’t updated for some time neither).

But just before I got to the forest, I’ve seen this empty road.

It looks so peaceful and quiet with soft light reflected from the street and the leaves above.
I stand in the middle to take a shot (risking my safety as car would come from behind at any time ;] )
when I realise, that the road’s unusual shape with lots of curves reminds me of my hectic life full of distractions.
It’s not straight A to B point journey, The Road is so twisted you can’t even see WHERE you going.
All that dark trees with shiny leaves catching your attention and covering the Sky at the same time.

But if you look closer It also says “SLOW” … maybe that’s what I need to do now! :]

How about you? How you manage your time?
Are you doing everything you want to, not procrastinating or wasting time?
Going to your own “Forest” to catch “Fresh Breath”? and finding your “Signs” like I did?
I really hope so and wish you that, my Friend :]

First one

Hello my Friend!

I’m glad you’re here. What ever part of the world you are from, this is the Place where we can meet.
If you’re in Europe, like I am at this moment, I would tell you Good Evening :]

It’s quite warm night in Bournemouth, UK .
On my way home, walking under the full moon just after midnight I got this idea.. To start a blog, a Diary, a Place for YOU,
where I can share  my thoughts, interests and ideas, let YOU into my World.

I have no clue if this way will work out, if I can get a piece of your attention, but I’m going to try!
I think it’s worth it :]